SnacQ(wise) Bites

High Protein Breakfast
Oct 06, 2022
New to Granola? Here is all you need to know about - what is granola, how is granola different from Muesli, why is granola and healthy and many exciting & innovative ways of eating granola
Roasted Seeds Mix
Jun 06, 2022
Discover the health benefits of seeds mix. SnacQ brings to you the perfect nutrition booster – the roasted seeds mix. The #1 destination for the tastiest healthy snacks. Learn More
Peanut Butter Granola
May 16, 2022
Why is Peanut Butter Healthy? What is Peanut Butter? How is Peanut Butter made? How Does Peanut Butter Taste? How can you eat Peanut Butter? We’ve answered all these questions in this blog to help you learn more about why peanut butter is healthy and how you could incorporate this in your diet
Trail Mix
Apr 10, 2022
Trail mix is considered as a healthy snack as the nuts, seeds and dried fruits make up a nutritionally balanced snack. Trail mix provides you with energy through carbs, and aids muscle building and recovery through high content of vegetarian protein. In addition...
SnacQ Mocha Almond Granola - Fueling Your Workday
Jan 01, 2022
5 steps on how to snack better for a healthy, better lifestyle! We believe that there is a key to snacking healthier and better. Here is our take. Do let us know what you think!
sugar free dark chocolate
Dec 08, 2021
Why is Quinoa Healthy?  Read further to get a summary of the nutrition and health benefits of Quinoa.