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SnacQ Almond butter with pecans granola square banner
SnacQ almond butter with pecan granola square banner
Almond Butter with Pecans Granola
From Rs. 399.00
Rating: 4.82 out of 5.0 (17)
Sustained FullnessProtein-Packed GranolaGluten-Free Goodness
Great Taste Award Winner Quinoa Crunch Dark Chocolate
Quinoa Crunch Dark Chocolate
Quinoa Crunch (Dark Chocolate)
On Sale from Rs. 399.00
Rating: 4.97 out of 5.0 (33)
Goodness of QuinoaBaked, Not FriedSatisfying Sweetness
SnacQ mocha almond granola
Mocha Almond Granola
Mocha Almond Granola
From Rs. 399.00
Rating: 4.86 out of 5.0 (22)
Sustained FullnessProtein-Packed GranolaGluten-Free Goodness

Why SnacQ?

Awesome Taste. No Junk. You know you don't need that much added sugar, oil, or preservatives in your food. So we created SnacQ - healthy foods that above all are great tasting. Enjoy daily essentials, Guilt-Free!

Eat Healthy

All natural ingredients. No junk. Food that is good for you, not just better!
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Do it with Great Taste

Winner of 3 Great Taste Awards. Great taste is key to your healthy habit formation. So why not try it?
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And Conveniently

Ready to eat. Pocket sized packs too. We know you are busy - so now you can take SnacQ everywhere you go.
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What have we got?

Breakfast Cereals
Low on energy?

Breakfast Cereals

To fuel your day right
Relish the Break with SnacQ Mid-Meal Snacking
Avoiding fried snacks?

Mid-meal Snacks

To recharge your body (nutritiously)
Healthy Desserts by SnacQ
Quitting on sweets?

Healthy Desserts

You won't feel bad having 4 times a day

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Shweta Sharma SnacQ Review

Shweta Sharma

Quinoa crunch is my favourite. It’s super crunchy, and the perfect healthy substitute for all my sugar cravings!!
Dhruv Shorey SnacQ Review

Dhruv Shorey

SnacQ products are delicious and super healthy too. Fit very well into my nutrition plan as a cricketer as they have high protein and zero added sugar.
Mitali Chopra SnacQ Review

Mitali Chopra

Absolutely love the granolas, trail mix, and seeds mix. The small packets are great to carry to office. My mum is a loyal SnacQ customer too. Must try!

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