About us

What is SnacQ? What is our mission?

SnacQ is a clean label healthy snacks and breakfast cereal brand that offers products made with natural ingredients only.

Our goal is to ‘Change the way we snack’ for a healthy, better lifestyle. And to do it with great taste!

We want to be the tastiest healthy snack brand in India. True to our mission, SnacQ won 3 Great Taste Awards in 2021 and 2022. We were the only Indian brand to win an award in 2021 in the breakfast cereals and muesli/granola category. With 25+ years of history, Great Taste is the largest and most trusted food & beverage awards globally.

Who are the SnacQ founders? Why did we create SnacQ?

SnacQ is founded by brothers Vaibhav and Ashray Kumar and the idea behind SnacQ is a concoction of their inspirations!

Living a busy corporate lifestyle, Vaibhav was always on the search for healthy snacks – especially between meals. He never really found the ‘right snack’ – the tasty ones weren’t healthy, and the healthy ones weren’t tasty. Is it a problem you face too? So he passionately decided to build a brand that created the right snack – introducing SnacQ, where tasty meets healthy.

Ashray has always been a foodie at heart – he loves cooking and
eating tasty food. He wanted to create a product that embodies that spirit. You can see his passion come alive when he is creating recipes for new products. For him SnacQ is a childhood dream come true!

We are a brand from consumers for consumers. So, if you do like
our products, please do share about it with you friends, family and everyone you know in person or on your social media handles.

What healthy snacks do we offer?

Currently, we do offer a wide range of exciting and unique granola flavours including Mocha Almond, Dark Chocolate, Honey, Berries and Nuts and Almond Butter with Pecans, and savoury snacks such as Masala Trail Mix and Chatpata Oats and healthy dessert options such as Quinoa Crunch (Dark Chocolate)

Why are these snacks healthy?

Our products don’t have any oil, added sugars or preservatives. Most of them are gluten free, have high levels of natural plant-based protein (through nuts, seeds and grains) and are made with <10 natural ingredients only.

SnacQ’s products are a good source of energy, high in protein, rich in fibre. No bad stuff at all – no added sugar, no cholesterol, no preservatives

What does that really mean? Our products are nutritious with wholesome goodness that you can as easily consume at home or carry it wherever you go.

What sizes do we offer?

Family size packages (250/350 grams) that are great for keeping
at home/work for sharing with you friends and family

On-the-go pocket size packs (40 grams) that are meant for you to
take everywhere with you – travel, work, gym or even during those long commutes! These pocket-sized packs can also be a great way to control portion sizes when snacking. 

So why SnacQ?

To eat healthy, eat conveniently and do it with great taste!

Don’t think, just SnacQ! We handmake it with love, with you in mind.