Everything Sampler Pack

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New to SnacQ? Not sure of which flavour to order? Try our Sampler Pack and get to taste our 10 exciting, unique, and nutritious granola, snacking and healthy dessert flavours!

What does the SnacQ Everything Sampler Pack include?

The sampler pack includes 9 x 40 grams pack of all granola and savoury snacks. It also includes 4 x 25 grams pack of our Quinoa Crunch (Dark Chocolate)

Healthy Dessert Flavours:

Quinoa Crunch (Dark Chocolate)

Granola Flavours:

Mocha Almond Granola
Berries & Nuts Granola
Almond Butter with Pecans Granola
Dark Chocolate Granola
Peanut Butter Granola

Savoury Snacks Flavours:

Masala Trail Mix
Chatpata Oats
Roasted Seeds Mix
Masala Berries Mix

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Customer Reviews

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It is a very good and healthy snack which I would like to give to my children and my children also liked it very much. I will definitely recommend this to everyone.

Uma Gupta

Good taste