SnacQ Coffee Overnight Oats Recipe

Feb 18, 2022


Cooking time: 2 minutes

Ingredients used for making SnacQ Coffee Overnight Oats:

SnacQ Mocha Almond Granola

½ Cup Milk (Any type of milk can be used - based on dietary preference)

1 Teaspoon chia seeds

½ Banana (sliced)

5 Almonds


  1. Add SnacQ Mocha Almond Granola, milk and chia seeds to a jar, stir thoroughly to combine and place in the refrigerator overnight.
  2. After placing it in the refrigerator overnight you will see the consistency thicken up and become into a pudding consistency
  3. When they come to your desired consistency, top it up with banana slices, almond flakes and SnacQ Mocha Almond Granola.


  1. You can adjust the consistency of the overnight oats by adding some milk 
  2. Overnight refrigeration will yield the best product but if you are making this with a time crunch two to four hours should help thicken the milk to a consistency that you might enjoy.

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